The Webserver

The webserver that is integrated into WinControl can upon request provide HTML-files containing embedded objects (images, sounds, videos, etc) to a client (browser). The WinControl Webserver takes this even further and provides an additional virtual image directory giving access to dynamically generated image files created from current contents of the WinControl windows.

These images can be displayed individually in the browser (see also: Virtual Image Directory) as well as be embedded on HTML pages individually or in combination with other elements (see also: Design Options).



Virtual Image DIrectory

Design Options


First Steps

After opening WinControl with the activated webserver, you will see a page that can be accessed with any browser via the TCP Port 80 (standard http-Port) as long as the program is active. Other settings are not necessary. Experienced user can, however, customize these (see also: Webserver-Configuration).

It is necessary to run a local test by opening a browser on the same computer that is running WinControl by entering the address http://localhost. The HTML pages that come with WinControl will be displayed in the browser which should give a first impression of the possibilities that the webserves gives. These pages can of course be customized. It is also possible for you to publish your already existing websites via the WinControl webserver. For details please refer to chapter Webserver Configuration / Directories.

In order to access data provided by the WinControl webserver from other PCs in your network these PCs need to have the internet protocol TCP/IP and any browser installed. In the browser you need to enter the address http:// followed by either the IP address or the symbolic name of the computer where the WinControl webserver is running. For more information about addresses, names and possibilities for customization please refer to chapter Webserver Configuration / Directories.

The address of the webserver is the IP-address of the computer that is running WinControl, e.g.:
and so on.

Please note: WinControl can be started up multiple times on one computer. The webserver, however, can only be started in the first instance since only one server per TCP-port can be working. In all subsequent instances a message will appear saying that it is not possible to start the webserver. The same is true if another server is already operating on port 80 on the computer, e.g.the IIS.